Top 10 Common Mistakes Made During Essay Writing

Learn how to avoid these top 10 common mistakes made during essay writing! Learn how to write like a professional writer!


Let’s face it – we all make mistakes while writing an essay. But there are few common mistakes made during essay writing that are easily avoidable. By learning what these mistakes are you can easily enhance your writing skill and avoid these mistakes in the future.


Mistakes to Avoid During Essay Writing Tasks

1. Not Following the Instructions of the Assignment – This means that you were unable to understand the assignment in the first place. Read the instructions twice if needed, just make sure to understand them before you start writing.


2. Missing the Thesis Statement – If you miss presenting your thesis statement, your essay is practically without a purpose.


3. Write the Essay without a Structure – If you are not able to plan the writing of the essay, your essay will be without a structure which will be pretty confusing for the readers.


4. Inadequate Introduction and Conclusion – You need to keep in mind that the introduction and the conclusion of your essay should be effective and powerful. They are meant to capture the attention of the readers so ensure they are both adequate.


5. Involvement of Weak Sources – When including sources in your essay you need to make sure they are more academic sources like the ones published in newspapers, journals, and books.


6. Including Citations that are not related to The Essay – If you managed to find a good citation it does not mean that you need to include it in your essay even if it is not related. Use citations that support your thesis and arguments.


7. Forget to User Linking Words & Phrases – Keep in mind that linking words and phrases are used to link certain sentences, thoughts, and examples. They are extremely important so make sure not to forget them.


8. Showing How Smart You Are – Using big words, phrases or references are not going to make your essay better. The whole idea of writing an essay is to use the right words.


9. Inadequate Title – A well-written, interesting, and catchy title is what will attract the attention of the reader.


10. Forget to Edit Your Essay – Do not forget to edit your essay and rewrite it if necessary. It can help you spot the mistakes and fix them. Rereading your essay is a must before submitting it.


Now that you are familiar with the Top 10 mistakes made during essay writing, we hope that you will be able to avoid them! Click here to order your customized and plagiarism-free essay paper.


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