How to write a Reflective Essay

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What is Reflective Essay and How to write a Reflective Essay?

A reflective essay is an essay in which the author presents his or her personal experience in life. So if you are asking ‘How to write a Reflective Essay’, the answer is simple; since, the author should inform the reader how this experience has affected him or her and the process of personal growth during this experienced. The author can write about certain event, journey, and etc.


How to Select Good Reflective Essay Topic

Choosing a topic for your reflective essay can be sometimes challenging as the topic should be based on what personal experiences in your life you think will best present your growth. You need to come up with the perfect topic for your reflection paper in order for your readers to understand you and your point of view.


We have a few reflective essay topics suggestions you can use:

• A happy memory from your childhood years and how it has affected you

• A negative or positive event that affected the way you have developed as a human being

• A holiday, celebration or another event that has made changes in the way you behave today

• A new friend, or partner in your life. You can talk about how you meet with this person, about your first impression, and it has affected you.

• Life lessons learned through various experiences (positive or negative)

• Your first family vacation or other family situation that caused changes in your family.

• Your first job, your first experiences with new colleagues, the skills you learned, and etc.

• The death of a friend, or family member that completely changes your life

All of these topics are suggestions that can motivate you to write about something personal you have always wanted you to write. This is your opportunity to express how you feel.


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