write and submit a 1500-word individual reflection about your group learning experience in this course.

You are required to write and submit a 1500-word individual reflection about your group learning
experience in this course. You will be required to cover ethical practice in the context of group
collaboration based on your personal experience in completing the group assignment.
In professional life, while some parts of a job require individual contribution for which one is held
individually accountable, many of one’s career deliverables require collaboration and group work.
Group learning is designed to help you learn about the process of collaboration in preparation for
your career. Equally, ethics are the principles of right and wrong that guide individuals in their
behaviours, and all groups are made up of individuals.
Ethics is a concept that is often discussed, but it is human behaviours and choices that lead to either
desirable or undesirable outcomes. Many times, codes of ethics are covered for employees in the
induction process into a new job, but it is actions that determine ethical behaviour. Similarly, with a
group assignment, individual behaviour can produce desirable or undesirable outcomes for a group,
and ethics and ethical behaviours (integrity) are at the core of which outcomes are achieved.
Reflective practice is recognised as a valuable part of learning through experience. Reflective
practice is a process of thinking about new experiences with a view of learning from them. It is a
form of personal analytical response to new experiences, situations, events or information. As group
work is often a key development area for students and University is the best place to learn,
reflection is considered a key part of the learning process for this course.

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