write a program to solve jigsaw puzzles.

You are to write a program to solve jigsaw puzzles. The input file will contain the dimension of the puzzle, the dimension of the pieces, and
the actual pieces of the puzzle. The pieces will be made up of ASCII characters. You are to create an output file which consists of the
solved puzzle.
Input file consists of one or more puzzles. The first line contains a integer N, the number of puzzles. Then, the description of each puzzle, as
The first line of the input file will contain three integers. These are the dimension of the puzzle (puzzles are always square), and the height
and width of the pieces, respectively. The dimension of the puzzle can range from 2 to 10, and the height and width of each puzzle piece
can range from 1 to 25. For example, the input “2 2 3” (without the quotes, of course) specifies a puzzle that is pieces in size, with
individual pieces that are characters in size. All pieces have the same height and width.
The rest of the description specifies the puzzle pieces in arbitrary order. Each piece is specified by an image of the piece followed by a line
containing four integers ranging from -5 to +5. These values indicate the shape of the top, left, bottom and right edges of the puzzle piece,
respectively. Values of 0 identify straight (i.e. outer) edges. Positive and negative edges of the same value are pairs that interlock (e.g -5
interlocks with +5, -4 with +4, etc.). Puzzle pieces may not be rotated, and all pieces will be unique (that is, no two pieces will have the
same values for all four edges). A blank line separates each puzzle piece, and also different puzzles.
Note that spaces (ASCII character 32) are valid characters in a puzzle piece. If they appear at the end of a line (or are the only characters on
a line), then they . All pieces will be a rectangular block of characters (ASCII codes 32 to 127), even if spaces at the end of a line make it
appear differently. In short, spaces should be treated no differently than any other character.

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