write a program that reads a file and displays all of the words in it that are misspelled.

A spell checker can be a helpful tool for people who struggle to spell words correctly. In this exercise, you will write a program that reads a file and displays all of the words in it that are misspelled. Misspelled words will be identified by checking each word in the file against a list of known words. Any words in the user’s file that do not appear in the list of known words will be reported as spelling mistakes. The user will provide the name of the file to check for spelling mistakes as a command line argument. Your program should display an appropriate error message if the command line argument is missing. An error message should also be displayed if your program is unable to open the user’s file. Use your solution to Exercise 117 when creating your solution to this exercise so that words followed by a comma, period or other punctuation mark are not reported as spelling mistakes. Ignore the capitalization of the words when checking their spelling.

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prepare a lead container of mass 1.5 kg and pour 0.65 kg of water into it, both at the room temperature of 20.5°C.

You are at a restaurant eating lunch with a friend. After the meal, your friend realizes they left their wallet at home. Your friend gives you a piece of silver….

Given the above information, how many people did McKinsey and BCG hire in the year 2013?

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Display an appropriate error message if the user fails to provide a command line argument, or if an error occurs while processing the file.

Spelling mistakes are only one of many different kinds of errors that might appear in a written work. Another error that is common for some writers is a repeated word…..