Which methods of infection control do you need to use when caring for Mrs. Andrews?

Mrs. Andrews did well after her spinal surgery and was discharged home on the third postoperative day. Two weeks later she told her family that she was having increased pain in her back. She stated that she was not always wearing her back brace as instructed at the time of surgery because “it makes me sweat and itch.” When she wears the brace, she frequently wipes over her incision with a handkerchief to remove the perspiration and scratches it to ease the itching. Her daughter noted that the incision was reddened with a small amount of drainage coming from the site. Mrs. Andrews was readmitted, and an incision and drainage of the back wound were performed.


·         What do you need to include when assessing the wound for infection?

·         If Mrs. Andrews were to develop a systemic infection as a result of the localized wound infection, which assessments would you expect to find? Explain your answers.

·         Which methods of infection control do you need to use when caring for Mrs. Andrews?

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