What risks might the port face?

Please make sure that you are posting at least 4 separate post, on 3 separate days. If you disagree with your fellow classmates, please feel free to express your disagreement, but respond respectfully.

Please take time to watch the embedded video. Since we’re online and can’t take a trip to a port, this video provides you some insight to a port in South Carolina.

Discussion Post # 1

In the video they talk about how South Carolina’s economy is impacted by port operations. How do they affect the economies for areas that they deliver to and service?

What risks might the port face?

Discussion Post #2

What did you learn about port operations that you didn’t know before? Why is this important for you to know and understand?



Discussion question one 150 words

Discussion question two 150 words

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Reply to second student positive comments 100 words. Which I will provide as soon as I receive it.

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