What is the appreciation rate?

You have bought a piece of land with a worth of 120,000 USD. You also have an agreement with the company that if you return this land to them after 2 years, they will give you 160,000 USD. What is the appreciation rate?


(a) 15.5

(b)     20

(c)      10

(d)     7


Question: 386

During the execution phase many small, unforeseen incidents happen which you manage with a workaround. What will your first step be after managing these unforeseen incidents?


(a)      Raise the change request

(b)     Update the cost baseline

(c)      Update the schedule baseline

(d)      Record it in lessons learned

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Write a program that reads the name of an element from the user and uses a recursive function to find the longest sequence of elements that begins with that value

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What is the correct charge to the income statement for bad debts and bad debt provisions for the years to 31 December 20X1?

Trade receivables as at 31 December 20X1 were $25,000. The bad debt provision as at 1 January 20X1 was $812. During the year to 31 December 20X1 bad debts of….

Which of the following is an adjusting event?

IAS 10 – Events after the balance sheet date, distinguishes between adjusting and non-adjusting events. Which of the following is an adjusting event? (A) One month after the year end,….