What are the major milestones in the U.S. quality movement?

Present the question and answer (Q & A’s) in your own words (or reference in quotes and present a reference page). Bring in other knowledge you are gaining and reference your ideas using APA format.

Answer the following:

  1. What are the major milestones in the U.S. quality movement?
  2. What is considered an ideal HC system by the Institute of Medicine (IOM)?
  3. What are the six key elements required for a strong HC system?
  4. What are the six priorities outlined in the “National Quality Strategy”?
  5. How effect has the U.S. safety strategy been since 2001 to 2011?
  6. What is the relationship between quality and patient safety?
  7. Describe the Donadbedian Quality Triangle.
  8. What are the CMS quality reporting requirements?
  9. What would be your recommendations for physician disclosure and giving apologies for poor practice?
  10. What are the characteristics of a high-reliability organization focused on patient safety?

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