The research paper must be ten pages in length, typed, MLA format. The completed research paper must use and cite a minimum of tenseparate online sources.

Click here to see the model essay for an example of MLA formatting. The Bible counts as one source no matter how many times it is used in the paper. Thirty-two separate issues of the Armed Forces Journalcount as one source. Citations (works cited sources) in the research paper must be current (within five years). Ask the instructor about exceptions. Since I am not located on campus, “on campus only” sources may not be used. Avoid using sources that have already done the research for you. These sources include encyclopedias, quotation Websites, Yahoo Answers,,, Wikipedia and other Wiki sources, social publications such as People Magazine, Jet Magazine, other social and “Give-Me-an-Answer” Websites, and Weblogs (blogs). Instead, do some serious research. Dictionaries, The Holy Bible, and other reference sources may be used only in connection with other credible sources. Do not use the dictionary as a source unless you are providing an unusual definition of a word. Assume that your audience possesses a vocabulary. Since this is not a course in law, do not use the JSL databases. In addition to the above source restrictions, do not use other research papers as a source. At least one direct quotation must be provided from each source; however, do not submit essays or a research paper in which a large part is quoted material. I want your writing based on your research. Short quotations are permissible, but only one long quote (between 5 and 10 lines) is permitted in the research paper. When you review the model formal essay handout in the Blackboard “Handouts and Course Documents” section, notice that there is one short quote (from research) in the paper. Most of the writing in the paper is done by the student, not quoted from another source. Similar to the essays, the research paper needs a title on Page 1 directly above the first paragraph, but not a title page or an abstract. The heading, title, and body of the research paper must be formatted in MLA style like all essay assignments. Refer to the model essay for formatting guidance. The research paper must also conform to the “Checklist for Essays and Other Writing Assignments.” Subtitles are not necessary in the research paper. The citations on the Works Cited page must include the complete URL of the Website researched. The protocol https:// or http// and the host www are not needed. For example, if I were writing a paper on whether God created us with a desire to sin, I might develop the following citation that includes the full URL.   Notice that the complete URL is cited, not just Also refer to the model essay and Works Cited examples posted on Blackboard. While conducting research on your topic, make notes and save (bookmark) everything.  Frustration is normal when compiling research. Frustration is a bully. My advice is to look frustration in the eye. The research paper must include one, but no more than three images. The images can be no larger than 2 X 2 inches. Pictures, charts, and graphs are considered images.  ]]>

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