The assessment aspect of this report is designed to give you a chance to apply these ideas to brands of your choice.

Deliverables   Divide your document into these sections.   REPORT: minimum 1,700 WORDS   THE PROBLEM – WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS BRAND?  

  • What seems to be the purpose of this brand? Does it have a mission or a set of ideals? What is it for?
  • Why does it need re-branding? What are the threats or problems it is facing? What challenges need to be overcome?
  • What are the current market trends and who are each brand’s competitors? How are these brands currently positioned relative to each other and to the consumer?
  • Who are the brand’s current and potential target audiences?
  • In light of the above, what are the opportunities for the brand? What can it achieve?
  • What is the rationale for your proposed rebranding? What academic and business literature on branding has led you to your conclusions?
  • What are your recommendations for rebranding? What brand architecture do you recommend? What brand values do you recommend? What kind of positioning and for what audience?
  • A shortlist of branding consultancies that you recommend the brand should work with. Nominate your final choice and explain why.
  PLAN: minimum 800 WORDS  
  • A brief that can be handed to that consultancy. You will be shown how to prepare a brief; it can be a visual device that fits on one page.
  • Timings – give a timeline showing how the rebranding process will roll out. We will repeatedly refer to the branding process during the lecture series and it is in your core textbook.
  • Costs – indicate how much you expect the rebranding to cost. Specify how you intend to measure return on investment.
  The Report and Plan should include citations to any literature throughout (in Harvard style) with a complete list of References and Bibliography at the end. Visual and competitor material that supports the changes to the brand should be included within the body of the report and/or an Appendix.   CONCEPT BOARD
  • A concept board is a visual tool that looks like a poster. It represents your ideas in images rather than words. You will be shown how to prepare a concept board during the module. Include this item as an appendix to your written report and plan; make sure it is part of the same file.

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