The answer to this is also no. Your task is to prove it.

Cantor’s Paradox demonstrates that there is no “set of all sets”. We know that every
set has a cardinality, and so it’s natural to ask if there is a set of “set of all possible
The answer to this is also no. Your task is to prove it.
Let X be a set whose elements are sets, and suppose X has the property that every
set is the same cardinality as some element of X. In other words, suppose X is a set
that contains a “representative” of every possible cardinality.
Show that X can’t exist.

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What is the maximum burst size ?

1.       For the following flows and a GCRA(100, 500), give the conformant and non-conformant cells. Times are in cell slots at the link rate. (a)    0, 100, 110, 12, 130,….

What are the (P, B) parameters in b/s and bits for each case ?

For a CBR connection, here are some values from an ATM operator: peak cell rate (cells/s)                           100 1000 10000 100000 CDVT (microseconds)                             2900 1200 400 135   1. What are….

How many cells were sent by the source in time interval [0, 401] ?

In this problem, time is counted in slots. One slot is the duration to transmit one ATM cell on the link. 1.       An ATM source S1 is constrained by GCRA(T….