Screening Tool that should be used: Ages and Stages Vania and Fernando’s Story Vania is 31 years old and Fernando is 42. They emigrated from El Salvador in 2015 when Jose was an infant.

i.e. how or when it is to be used, by whom, and how you might have to make modifications in order to generate the most useable results). The following is an outline of additional information you will need to consider, reflect on, and directly address in the writing of your analysis paper. THIS IS NOT A QUESTION AND ANSWER ASSIGNMENT so I do not want to read individual “answers” to the following points. All should be included in a thoughtful and well-structured paper: Provide proof that the tools chosen are appropriate for the child’s age, suspected level of development, and whether or not any biological or environmental concerns relevant to the child are appropriately addressed. Include a discussion on these points and how you know this. Your analysis of each tool should include a justification of why it was chosen and how and where you would plan to use it (i.e. use yourself in the classroom with the child, have it completed by a home visitor, or request a psychologist or a psychometrist to consult). Consider the possible barriers to implementing the tools as designed and how you might have to make specific modifications when using the tools; e.g. environmental limitations, child’s characteristics and temperamental issues, parent issues or concerns? Who would you want to be present and part of the assessment process? With whom would you hope to share the results and why? Of those you can foresee might be involved in the child’s life (both family members and professionals), who might be most interested in the results /scores generated by the use of the tools and why? WHAT TO INCLUDE (IN THIS ORDER)! *Very detailed identification of risk factors and/or developmental concerns for the child. Includes very detailed description of research to support an analysis of the potential for negative impact on the child’s future development *Very clear introduction of tool and presentation of information on the process of researching the screening tool; i.e. what resources, texts, articles, were accessed. Detailed evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, recommendations, and limitations for use. Clearly linked to child’s potential needs. *Very clear introduction of comprehensive/ detailed assessment tool and presentation of information on the process of researching the tool; i.e. what resources, texts, articles, were accessed. Assessment tool is properly identified for use; includes a detailed evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, recommendations for use, and limitations for use. Clearly linked to child’s potential needs. *Critically explores the issue of how assessment tools may be viewed or accepted (or not) from the perspective of the parent. Detailed discussion of opportunity for involvement of teacher, CAS worker or any potential intervention workers as appropriate in the assessment process including interest in the results of the use of the tools.   // They live in a 3-bedroom rented condo in Scarborough with Fernando’s mother Maria. Their native language is Spanish. Maria does not speak any English. Both Vania and Fernando speak English fairly fluently. They try to speak English as much as possible with Jose. The only exception is when speaking with Maria because she does not know much English at all. Fernando works as a security guard overnight and is going to school during the day because his credentials from El Salvador were not valid in Canada. He is working towards becoming an electrician. Vania works in a retail store during the day. Jose stays at home and is cared for by Maria. Because of Fernando’s demanding work and school schedule, much of the time he is home, he is sleeping. He only spends time with Jose for a short time when he comes home in the morning before school and on the weekends. Vania has made a few friends through work and she invites friends over in the evenings as often as she can. Most of her friends speak English and Vania enjoys the company and the ability to practice English. Jose is 3 years and 6 months old. Jose is a happy child. He plays with toys by himself most of the time since he has no playmates most of the time during the day. He also watches a lot of television. He gets upset if Maria turns off the television and so she just lets him have it on in the background all day. He usually plays on the floor right in front of the television. Vania’s friend Jane has a 3-year-old also. When Jane comes over, she brings her daughter Olivia. Jose doesn’t play much with Olivia since he is more interested in building toys than Olivia is. Vania has started to take Jose to the local OEYC when she has a day off during the week. She knows that Jose will start kindergarten in the fall and she wants him to get used to other children. When Jose is at the OEYC, he mostly plays by himself with building toys. He doesn’t mind if other children are near him but he will cry if other children try to play with the same toys. He doesn’t want anyone to take his building toys. He doesn’t talk to other children or staff but he will ask his mother for food or drink or to use the toilet. He only uses one word at a time sometimes in Spanish and sometimes in English. During one of her visits to the OEYC, one of the staff asked Vania about Jose’s language. The staff person had noticed that Jose rarely uses more than one word at a time. Vania explained that Jose hears Spanish at home with his grandmother and English with Vania, Fernando, and visitors, and on TV. Vania and her family were not concerned about Jose’s language development since he is learning two languages. They think he will catch up soon. However, the staff person at the OEYC has made a referral to Toronto Public Health Early Abilities Program. You are consulting on the case.]]>

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