Schools of thought in strategy and lenses through which to view strategy.

  • Dynamic capabilities and competences.
  •   From these topics you should prepare an answer that has a clear introduction, explaining what the theoretical coverage of your answer is and how you will use examples to illustrate your points.   The main body of each answer should do the following:  
    1. Provide clear and concise theoretical coverage taken from lecture slides, core reading, examples and cases and references from other sources – journal articles, periodicals and newspapers.
    1. Offer references to underpin content. A large number of citations will not be possible but some attempt should be made to provide references as an underpinning to your theoretical coverage. Names and date are adequate for referencing approaches in my examinations.
    1. Critiques of theory should be offered from references, cases, examples and reflections from experience.
      Conclusions should be sharp but useful in drawing together your answer.   Carefully read around each topic using the slides, notes and the core texts a starting point. Develop a sharply written short answer and practice within the time frame to make sure you can type or write your answer in the given time. Spread your effort evenly across the question areas. Be prepared to frame or position your answer against the specific question stated in the examination paper.   Diagrams are not necessary, not asked for and not expected.  ]]>

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