Run the two-way analysis of variance. Give the results of the hypothesis tests for the main effects and the interaction.

Refer to Exercise 13.43. Additional data collected by the same researchers according to a similar design are given in the PLANTS2 data file. Here, there are two response variables. They are fresh biomass and dry biomass. High values for both of these variables are desirable. The same four species and seven levels of water are used for this experiment. Here, however, there are four plants per species-by-water combination. Analyze each of the response variables in the PLANTS2 data file using the outline from

Exercise 13.43

The PLANTS1 data file gives the percent of nitrogen in four different species of plants grown in a laboratory. The species are Leucaena leucocephala, Acacia saligna, Prosopis juliflora, and Eucalyptus citriodora. The researchers who collected these data were interested in commercially growing these plants in parts of the country of Jordan where there is very little rainfall. To examine the effect of water, they varied the amount per day from 50 millimeters (mm) to 650 mm in 100 mm increments. There were 9 plants per species-by-water combination. Because the plants are to be used primarily for animal food, with some parts that can be consumed by people, a high nitrogen content is very desirable.

(a) Find the means for each species-by-water combination. Plot these means versus water for the four species, connecting the means for each species by lines. Describe the overall pattern.

(b) Find the standard deviations for each species-by-water combination. Is it reasonable to pool the standard deviations for this problem? Note that with sample sizes of size 9, we expect these standard deviations to be quite variable.

(c) Run the two-way analysis of variance. Give the results of the hypothesis tests for the main effects and the interaction.

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