produce a report that outlines the potential for technology investment in two of the current priority areas for the organisation

Your CEO is keen to invest in new technology. You have been asked to produce a report that outlines the potential for technology investment in two of the current priority areas for the organisation: 1.Recruitment
For the areas (Recruitment and Performance) selected, ascertain the benefits, as specific to the context of your organisation, of two potential technology applications/tools (four total). E.g. how they will offer competitive advantage/deliver value.
Based on your understanding of the organisation’s needs or challenges, make final recommendations as to the technology investment deemed most suitable for each priority area.
It is important that disadvantages, risks, and costs to these recommendations are made clear, including consideration of any ethical issues faced.
Submit an appraisal summary [table format] of the two recommended technology investments as an appendix (no more than 1 side). This is free word-count but will encourage you to be balanced in level/scope of detail in your appraisal of the projects selected.
Your submission must be in Report style and should be no more than 2500 words i.e. be written as if it is a report prepared for your senior management team.
Ensure that you develop a full business report e.g. contents page, executive summary, and provision of clear recommendations. Provide a succinct overview of your organisation in the introduction in no more than 100 words).

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