prepare a proposal for a new informational resource for staff or for women and their families.

Using the article you critiqued for assessment 2 together with at least 5 other relevant recent peer reviewed papers, you are required to prepare a proposal for a new informational resource for staff or for women and their families. For example; a booklet and/or fact sheet and/ or pamphlet (you will need to assume your area does not currently have this educational resource on the topic area you have chosen).
The proposal will include a discussion on the purpose of the information resource, providing a rationale for the expected benefits based on the best available evidence. Based on the literature and using critical analysis you will need to explain why this educational resource/s is needed and how will it improve outcomes, you will discuss recommendations for practice based on the evidence; who will be impacted by the educational resource/s; what might be the barriers and facilitators to implementation of the resource/s, and what will be needed to implement and evaluate this strategy. Please note that this is a detailed proposal for an information resource, you are NOT expected to submit the information resource.

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