prepare a formal Business Proposal – the proposal is a formal introduction to your developing business plan.

A three-part assignment;

  1. prepare a formal Business Proposal – the proposal is a formal introduction to your developing business plan.
  2. Include in your proposal how your scenario will be funded, ensure this has some level of reality, you may need to look at the loan to valuation ratios, collaborative security and so on. Look at the possibility of crowdfunding explaining within the plan what it is and how another ‘similar’ project has been funded by this phenomenon by illustrating a real example. Ensure you understand the different types of crowdfunding.
  3. Demonstrate a potential positive outcome within society within a post pandemic economic world of your product or service.


Presentation – Communication skills

Marks are awarded here for clear, direct explanation of your presentation and the detailed content of the business proposal outlining the positives and negative aspects of crowdfunding. You will need to consult journal articles to ensure you fully understand the concept of crowdfunding.



Class presentation; outline your business proposal

give a clear outline of the proposed business

also understand crowdfunding, explain the four common types and what will suit your business and/or you may look at an alternative form of funding the establishment of your proposed enterprise, tell me about it!.









Critical discussion

Demonstrate your scholarship by inquiry, discussing the aspects of crowdfunding and other finance. Convince the reader that you understand the topic and why it is a valuable tool for the entrepreneur.




Be original, be entertaining and show passion in your approach to this task.

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