PM Nurseries (PMN) is a large garden centre company operating throughout Australia and New Zealand.

PM Nurseries (PMN) is a large garden centre company operating throughout Australia and New Zealand. The Board of Directors have been developing their business strategy and have put forward a resolution to take on several projects to improve the business brand. As part of this improvement several garden centres have been earmarked for upgrading. The justification for these upgrades is competitive necessity resulting from a loss of market share in centres where the competition has opened new stores nearby. As the PMN Regional Manager Grace has been asked to prepare a project management baseline plan for the renovation of an existing garden centre based in the Joondalup area. The garden centre is located on the edge of a major shopping district and predominantly serves shoppers in the area. The board have acquired 600m2 block of land next to the garden centre, with provisional approval to develop an uncovered external area which will be used to display and sell outdoor plants, trees, garden materials and equipment. The approved design is very similar to the external area successfully deployed by your competitor Gunnings who are located nearby. As a minimum the area will include: • Preparation of site ready for development (levelling and concreting) • Boundary fencing • CCTV system • Two checkout stations • Watering system to maintain the quality of vegetation on display • Areas for ? Plants, trees, shrubs ? Fertilisers ? Garden pots ? Garden furniture • Single washroom facility

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