Outline what you see as possible solutions to the problem you outlined above.


This case study aims to assess your ability to apply strategic thinking, strategy formation and strategic change in business.

Instructions: Analyse the case that has been allocated to you by your lecturer using the following format to report on your analysis:

Case study analysis



Give a very brief description of the situation outlined in the case study.




Outline what you see as the key problems/changes the company in the case has to deal with. It is key here not to get distracted by trivia – focus on the main game. Clearly state what the problem is as you see it, and WHY you see it as key. This requires analysis and justification of the situation, not just a repetition of it.

When justifying the problems/changes, please make sure to analyse all the stakeholders that could be affected. Identifying the benefits and the costs from their perspectives will help you develop your solution.


Recommendations and Solutions


Outline what you see as possible solutions to the problem you outlined above. Each solution should be specific measure, instead of general guideline. For example, instead of saying “change the performance appraisal system”, you should give more details regarding what specific KPIs should be and how to evaluate them and link compensation with those KPI. Each solution should also be accompanied by an analysis of why the solution can help with the problems and what are the potential weaknesses.

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