offer a user-friendly website that allows potions to access to the website through their phone.

Case Study: Doc Medical Centre (DMC) The Doc Medical Centre (DMC) would like to offer a user-friendly website that allows potions to access to the website through their phone. The site will facilitate the patients to book an appointment with their desire GP and access to their medical history. Upon the first use, patients require to enter their details in the system, including their types of insurance (e.g., Medicare, Private, etc. and their method of payments (e.g., credit card, PayPal, etc.). This will allow the patients to use the medical centre website in any following appointments. Users can simply log in to their registered accounts and make an appointment by choosing the day of the visit, time and their GP. The system will provide them with an estimated cost according to the type of their insurance details. Suppose you are asked to develop this online system for DMC. You have been given only four weeks to present a plan for the system design. You will be presenting your design to a team of consultants. The online system should be able to perform several activities such as adding or creating a new patient, checking for the available appointment and requested GP, estimating the cost, issuing an online ticket or receipt for the appointment, and recording all the medical history of the patients. You may add any other possible functions that you deem necessary for this system to function in this business case. Tasks: • Draw use case description for registering accounts and making an appointment. • Draw use case diagram • Identify all entities and their attribute and draw an E-R (Entity-Relationship) diagram. • Draw the class diagram • Draw a Sequence diagram • Draw activity diagram • Design a data entry screen for entering Personal Details. • Design a booking appointment input screen which includes the day of the visit, Patients Id, Name and the selected GP

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