list a couple of positive and negative risks and we can narrow down in the next couple of days.

We should each list a couple of positive and negative risks and we can narrow down in the next couple of days. I’ll kickoff the discussion.
Risk 1: Delayed schedule due to bad weather- Negative
Risk 2: Delayed materials/contractors due to COVID-Negative
Risk 3: Project comes in under budget and tied up funds unnecessarily and was likely due to poor estimates- Positive
Risk 4: Early deliveries- Where t store equipment-Positive
I’ll volunteer to do #6, and the introduction. I can also do a RACI and/or SWOT for #4. We should all take something for #4.
1. Introduction (likely done last once everyone’s sections have been put together)
2. Executive Summary (Business purpose and background information messaged to the sponsors of the project)
3. Initiation Project objective, can be found in scope statement
4. Risk Management Planning- Tools and techniques
5. Risk Identification 5-10 positive risks and 5-10 negative risks
6. Qualitative Risk Analysis Probability and impact
7. Conclusion
Appendix: Need some not all. Maybe we each take 1 for the appendix.

  1. Project Charter
  2. Project Scope Statement
  3. Risk Management Tools
    1. Project Sizing Tool
    2. Stakeholder Analysis Tool
    3. Work Breakdown Structure
    4. Risk Breakdown Structure
    5. Gantt Chart

Project scope statement

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