Indicate how each of the following items would be classified

Indicate how each of the following items would be classified:

a. Excess of purchase price over the fair value of net identifiable assets of another business

b. Research costs

c. Annual franchise fee paid

d. Organisations costs

e. Cash

f. Accounts receivable

g. Prepaid expenses

h. Notes receivable

i. Research and development acquired in a business combination

j. Leasehold improvements

k. Brand names

l. Music copyrights

m. Investments in affiliated companies

n. Film contract rights

o. Discount on notes payable

p. Property, plant, and equipment

q. Land

r. Development phase activities (meets the 6 criteria for development phase)

s. Purchased trademarks

t. Excess of cost over fair value of net assets of acquired subsidiary

u. Costs of researching a secret formula for a product that is expected to be marketed for at least fifteen years

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Explain the standards of pediatric nursing care as they relate to caring for many and his family

Recall 3 year-old Manny, at the beginning of the chapter, who has & a seizure disorder. He receives his care in a mobile van sent to his community by the….

Describe the use of family- centered care principles in planning casey’s nursing care in collaboration with the family .

Think about Casey and his family from the beginning of the chapter. Case-(s family is coping with his initial survival of a serious brain injury, and facing a long rehabilitation….

create a family pedigree for Sarah based on the family information she has  provided, What does the pedigree  reveal, and what nursing  actions would you plan for Sarah?

Recall 17·year-old Sarah from the chapter opening scenario. While at the sports clinic for a routine physical, she questions the nurse about the likelihood that she will acquire Hunting10n disease…..