Identify two evaluative measures that Tonya used to evaluate the condition of Mr. Jacobs’ wound.

Tonya examines Mr. Jacobs’ surgical incision and notices a 1.25-cm (0.5-inch) circle of yellowish drainage on the gauze dressing. On close inspection of the suture line, she also observes an area of swelling around two stitches. Mr. Jacobs notices Tonya’s expression as she looks at the dressing and asks, “Is anything wrong?” Tonya responds, “A small amount of drainage is coming from your incision. Don’t be alarmed.” As Tonya applies mild pressure over the incision, she asks Mr. Jacobs if the area is tender. He grimaces a bit and says, “Yes, a little.” Tonya says, “I’m going to let your surgeon know about this.” After she consults with the physician, an intravenous (IV) antibiotic is ordered. While in Mr. Jacobs’ room, Tonya notices that the patient is breathing faster and looks up to the ceiling and sighs.


·         When Tonya evaluated the surgical incision, two components of evaluation occurred. Describe each.

·         Based on this clinical scenario, how might Tonya need to modify the patient’s care plan?

·         Identify two evaluative measures that Tonya used to evaluate the condition of Mr. Jacobs’ wound.

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