Identify the twice separation required (number of bins required).

Students must select a 10 ha (315 m x 315 m) area of an urban area within Australia Selected are must indude some commercial and institutional areas. For the selected area, carryout the following data collection and analysis-
– Number of residential and commercial properties – Estimate the quantity of vast, generated horn thew houses. – Identify the twice separation required (number of bins required). – Estimate the quantities for each type of waste that is generated. – Drips the collection frequency and route, and number ale fiat of trucks. – Identify the processing required for each of the waste types. – Design the processing centre. – Identay the resouwes that can be recovend. annually. – Identify the appropriate disposal options. Design the selected disposal options – Evaluate all the resources recovery and disposal options using tople bottom line approach – Identify and quantify the ‘airily amounts of hazardous waste that may be generated from households – Provide a succinct summary of as the data that was collected and analysed – Develop a thought provoking conclusions and recommencLitions section.

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design suitable bearings to support the load for at least 5E8 cycles at 1 200 rpm using deepgroove ball bearings.

The shaft shown in Figure P11-4 was designed in Problem 10-19. For the data in row (a) of Table P11-1, and the corresponding diameter of shaft found in Problem 10-19,….

Find the minimum film thickness for a long bearing with the following data: 30-mm dia, 130 mm long, 0.0015 clearance ratio, 1 500 rpm, ISO VG 100 oil at 200°F, and supporting a load of 7 kN.

1.       A paper machine processes rolls of paper having a density of 984 kg/m3. The paper roll is 1.50-m OD X 22-cm ID X 3.23-m long and is on a simply supported, 22-cm OD, steel….

Find the minimum film thickness for a bearing with these data: 30-mm dia, 25 mm long, 0.0015 clearance ratio, 1 500 rpm, ON = 30, ISO VG 220 oil at 200°F.

1.       Problem 7-12 estimated the volume of adhesive wear to expect from a steel shaft of 40 mm dia rotating at 250 rpm for 10 years in a plain bronze….