Identify a key target relevant to US National Security that could be the subject of an attack. Conduct a threat assessment on that target.

Threat Assessment Briefing Paper   (APA format, 4-5 pages, not counting the sources page, double spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins)   The briefing paper is an essay about an important contemporary topic written for an informed audience. Should address the question below, making a strong argument on behalf of your thesis and developing your own conclusion based on evidence from sources. In doing so, you must use a minimum of three (5) sources.   Question:  Your threat assessment should identify the target and the potential threats it faces. In identifying the target, discuss its relevance to National Security and its key vulnerabilities. What would be the impact if the target was the subject of an attack? In identifying threats, discuss the threat’s strengths, weaknesses, probability of occurring and potential severity was it to occur. Prioritize the threats, identifying which one should command the most attention and which the least. Lay out potential ways to protect the target and note the cost the increased security entails. Given your analysis, what steps should policy makers and national leaders take to better secure the target?]]>

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prepare a lead container of mass 1.5 kg and pour 0.65 kg of water into it, both at the room temperature of 20.5°C.

You are at a restaurant eating lunch with a friend. After the meal, your friend realizes they left their wallet at home. Your friend gives you a piece of silver….

Given the above information, how many people did McKinsey and BCG hire in the year 2013?

There are two big consulting firms in Melbourne, McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group (BCG); assume that their clients view them as providing identical consulting services. They hire people on yearly….

write a program that reads a file and displays all of the words in it that are misspelled.

A spell checker can be a helpful tool for people who struggle to spell words correctly. In this exercise, you will write a program that reads a file and displays….