identify and justify the most appropriate quadrant in the FCB planning model that best fits the consumer

The Account Planning report is an opportunity to engage in an account planning role. You will conduct and interpret primary consumer research through conceptual lens, and interrogate your data to arrive a single-minded consumer insight. Your research and analysis will culminate in a creative brief that becomes the campaign strategy. Please also note that your consumer profile and some conclusions drawn will be transferred to the team project i.e. the consumer section in Part A: Situation Analysis: Micro-environment Review. REPORT TEMPLATE: Introduction: State the purpose of the report. See course outline. Body of Discussion 1. Choose and justify the appropriate traditional learning response hierarchy model appropriate to an advertising campaign. 2. Based on the consumer’s readiness stage, identify the consumer’s current status (placement) in the traditional learning response hierarchy model (where they are now) and what further stages need to be achieved before they prefer the client brand, and purchase. 3. B`ased on the nature of involvement in decision-making involvement and consumer purchase motives, identify and justify the most appropriate quadrant in the FCB planning model that best fits the consumer 4. Briefly outline the consumer’s response to the client current ad using the Elaboration Likelihood Model 5. Briefly outline the consumer’s cognitive responses to client’s ad using the Cognitive Response Model 6. Based on their behavioural profile for the product category and the brand, argue for the viability/non-viability of this consumer as a target audience. 7. Write a copy platform/creative brief using the sections as follows. Background: Usually covers the business and marketing context and why the campaign is important Marketing or Sales Objectives: This sometimes includes the business case for the campaign and/or indicates what the client wants to achieve by the end of the IMC campaign. Brand: It includes managerial intentions for the brand’s positioning or image including brand identity, brand vision, brand values and/or brand personality.

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set up and solve a case-study example of the light-intensity distribution in a photochemical reactor.

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