Identify and explain three (3) core value-propositions to accounting students to actively engage in teamwork processes.

BFA303: 2020, Semester 2 – Team case study Part B


Accounting students often complain that teamwork is time consuming and of ‘free riders’ not contributing to team processes and/or the final product. However, recent accounting academic studies have reported that in spite of student complaints, empirical evidence shows that teamwork activities embedded in the accounting curriculum hold numerous benefits to individual accounting students.

For example, Daly et al. (2015) found that alliance building activities embedded in teamwork increases intercultural skills and confidence. The question therefore arises; ‘What are the core value propositions to accounting students to engage in teamwork?’




Daly, A., Hoy, S., Hughes, M., Islam, J., & Mak, A.S. (2015). Using group work to develop intercultural skills in the accounting curriculum in Australia., Accounting Education, 24(1), 27-40. doi:10.1080/09639284.2014.996909




    1. Identify and explain three (3) core value-propositions to accounting students to actively engage in teamwork processes. You must reference at least 3 recent (last 10 years) academic studies from any of the following high t, specialist journals: Issues in Accounting Education, Journal of Accounting Education and/or Accounting Education.
    2. In line with ILO 3, reflect on your past UTAS academic teamwork experiences. Taking account of the value propositions you have identified in (a) above, each individual must (very briefly and in their own words) record their personal view in this part of the answer. The team must conclude based on the majority view.



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