Identify and describe primary and foreign keys.

The Trade Master company sells various tools. It has sales offices and warehouses all over Australia. The company developed a data warehouse to store information about sales, customers and products. These data are stored in the AppliedProject2 Access file provided for you.
The database consists of 6 tables:
• CompanyDim — with the sales office address, state and email • ProductDim — product information • WarehouseDim — warehouse locations • CustomerDim — information about customers • DateDim — sales dates • SaleFacts — information about sales
Please notice that all data (customers, sales, dates, warehouses and products) are randomly generated. Table and field names are self-explanatory.
The Global Trading company wants to retrieve information from the database for reporting and data analysis.
You have to do the following tasks
1. In the MS Word document: 1.1. Analyse and describe the tables. 1.2. Describe the dimension and fact tables. (You need to remember that the database tables are organised into a fact and dimension tables, and this structure is called a database star schema). 1.3. Identify and describe primary and foreign keys. 1.4. Describe relationships and cardinalities between the tables 1.5. Draw the database ER diagram with primary keys, foreign keys, relationships and cardinalities. 1.6. Copy from the database all queries to the Word document and explain them.

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