Identify an existing structure & its’ support/s.

1. Identify an existing structure & its’ support/s. (2 mark)
(please identify one simple structure near or within your house)
2. Take a photo and/or do a detailed drawing of your chosen structure and its’ support/s. (3
3. Draw a Free Body Diagram of your chosen structure – show the loads and boundary
reactions where they act, the likely direction of these forces, and for loads – whether you
expect them to be concentrated or distributed, permanent (dead) , imposed (live), wind
etc. Include an assessment of how the support/s should be modelled i.e. pin, roller, surface
contact etc. Justify your decision (15 marks).
4. Based on the FBD, estimate/calculate the load on the structure and the boundary
reactions. (3 marks. Note if the FBD is statically determinate, you can do calculation; If the
FBD is statically indeterminate, you can make estimation.)
5. Describe your chosen structure including the following:
• The nature and location of the overall structure
• The materials used
• Your guess/estimate of the age of the structure
• Any other interesting information. (2 marks)


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design suitable bearings to support the load for at least 5E8 cycles at 1 200 rpm using deepgroove ball bearings.

The shaft shown in Figure P11-4 was designed in Problem 10-19. For the data in row (a) of Table P11-1, and the corresponding diameter of shaft found in Problem 10-19,….

Find the minimum film thickness for a long bearing with the following data: 30-mm dia, 130 mm long, 0.0015 clearance ratio, 1 500 rpm, ISO VG 100 oil at 200°F, and supporting a load of 7 kN.

1.       A paper machine processes rolls of paper having a density of 984 kg/m3. The paper roll is 1.50-m OD X 22-cm ID X 3.23-m long and is on a simply supported, 22-cm OD, steel….

Find the minimum film thickness for a bearing with these data: 30-mm dia, 25 mm long, 0.0015 clearance ratio, 1 500 rpm, ON = 30, ISO VG 220 oil at 200°F.

1.       Problem 7-12 estimated the volume of adhesive wear to expect from a steel shaft of 40 mm dia rotating at 250 rpm for 10 years in a plain bronze….