identify 2-3 traditional retailers that have adopted one or many of the five keys strategies necessary for success in an omni-channel environment.

Using the internet, identify 2-3 traditional retailers that have adopted one or many of the five keys strategies necessary for success in an omni-channel environment. How did they implement this strategy and what were the results?

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Steven Curtis Week 4
I don’t think that any one was surprised at how fast the retail giant Walmart was able to shift into an omni-channel environment. With their massive network of stores and existing logistic systems they were able to introduce online shopping with instore pickup quickly. Walmart for years was known for their ability to identify customers and adjust the stock to meet the need of the customers for that location. With modern apps Walmart was able to put the inventory of every store at the fingertips of its customers, while at the same time making it easier to collect data on the shopping habits of customers. Walmart was also able to implement geo-fencing (Waldron). This allows Walmart to quickly react to and prepare for customers when entering the store.
Ace hardware has also transitioned into the omni-channel world. Ace has a large number of retail stores, yet they are known for being a local and helpful hardware store. In my experience Ace is the best place to find the specialty items that can’t be found elsewhere. Using technology they built their website with an eBay enterprises base that links directly with their warehouse management software (Chain store age, 2016). This allows Ace to serve the customers with the existing stock and keep the supply stock at a manageable level. I feel that this was a great way for a relatively small company to be able to compete with the mega stores.
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