focus your research report and provide a foundation.

Your research report should be on one of the following topics. Note that each topic has been given a research article. These articles are intended to focus your research report and provide a foundation. The topics are as follows:

1. Logistics in emerging economies

Hirschinger, M., Spickermann, A., Hartmann, E., Gracht, H. and Darkow, I.L., 2015. The Future of Logistics in Emerging Markets—Fuzzy Clustering Scenarios Grounded in Institutional and Factor-Market Rivalry Theory. Journal of Supply Chain Management51(4), pp.73-93.

2. Logistics implications of inventory perishability

Ali, I., Nagalingam, S. and Gurd, B., 2018. A resilience model for cold chain logistics of perishable products. The International Journal of Logistics Management29(3), pp.922-941.

3. Reverse Logistics

Govindan, K. and Bouzon, M., 2018. From a literature review to a multi-perspective framework for reverse logistics barriers and drivers. Journal of cleaner production187, pp.318-337.

4. Green Logistics

Pazirandeh, A. and Jafari, H., 2013. Making sense of green logistics. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management62(8), pp.889-904.


5. Logistics Disruptions

Craighead C., Blackhurst. J, Rungtusanatham, M. and Handfield, R., 2007. The Severity of Supply Chain Disruptions: Design Characteristics and Mitigation Capabilities, Decision Sciences38(1), pp. 131-156

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set up and solve a case-study example of the light-intensity distribution in a photochemical reactor.

Photochemical reactor modeling: a case-study problem. Although radiation is important in heat transfer, an analogous model can be used in the design of photochemical reactors. The modeling of these reactors….

Write a critique on this technique of secondary-emission measurement.

Secondary-emission measurement: a case-study problem. An indirect way of measuring of secondary emission from ponds or large bodies of water used in waste treatment is to measure the concentration and….

set up a mass transfer model and evaluate the variation of the local mass transfer coefficient at various locations in the plate.

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on an inclined susceptor: a case-study problem. An important application of convective mass transfer theory is in CVD processes employed to coat surfaces with thin films….