Explain the data exchange instructions in detail with examples.

1.Accumulator register contains 01H and Carry flag is in the state. What will be the contents of accumulator and Carry flag on executing the instruction




2. Examine the following piece of code and explain whether the program will work in the expected way. Justify your statement

MOV P1.0, P1.2

3. In the following code snippet, the jump location is intended to a memory address with offset beyond +127. Suggest a workaround to solve this issue




;The relative address of label ‘ JUMP_HERE ‘ is greater than 127 JUMP_HERE: XCH A,B

4. Explain the stack memory related data transfer instructions in detail. [LO 1, LO 2]

5. Explain the data exchange instructions in detail with examples. [LO 1, LO 2]

6. Explain the timing diagram for the MOVX instruction execution when the program memory is internal to the processor.

7. Explain the difference between ADD, ADDC and DAA instructions. Explain the significance of DAA instruction? [LO 1, LO 2]

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