explain does the study design accurately test the null hypothesis?

This assignment includes 4 simulated research studies. A summary is provided for each study that includes the problem, purpose, research question, null hypothesis, study design, raw data, method of analysis of the data, and the results. Address the following questions for each of the 4 simulated research studies in a well-developed paragraph that has a logical flow using current APA format. • What type of study design is used? Please explain. • Does the study design accurately test the null hypothesis? • Is the correct statistical test used to analyze the data? Why? Why not? • Regardless of whether or not the correct statistical test was used, are the results statistically significant? Social science research uses a p value of .05 to determine statistical significance. • Does the researcher reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis? • What are the implications of the results for the study and the counseling field? • A correlation study design is being used because it is looking at the relationship betweensubstance abusers and emotional understanding compared to the general population.2.Yes, the study design accurately tests the null hypothesis.3.The single sample t-test was used and is the correct statistical test to use because thestudy is testing one sample, substance abusers.4.According to the data supplied, the p-value is 0.000 which is less than .05, so the resultsare statistically significant.5.The researcher rejects the null hypothesis.6.The implications for the study and the counseling field is that there is a negativecorrelation between emotional intelligence and substance abuse, so the more presence ofsubstance abuse, the less emotional understanding is displayed. •

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