evaluate this claim with reference to liberal IR theory and relevant examples.

2. ‘International institutions provide a rule-based order that allows states to peacefully cooperate’. Critically evaluate this claim with reference to liberal IR theory and relevant examples.
Disciplinary Criteria
• Comprehension of subject material: Conceptual understanding consistent with the subject content
• Critical Analysis and Argument: Evaluation of ideas and evidence that considers different perspectives and provides a reasoned, evidence-based argument
• Research: Engagement with relevant academic literature to provide support argument
• Essay Structure and Expression: A clear and logic ordering of claims using proper presentation style, spelling and grammar
• Referencing: Sources cited in accordance with one accepted referencing style Graduate Capabilities
• Writing (WR): an ability to write logically focussed arguments supported by academic referencing and basic rules of grammar
• Critical Thinking (CT): an ability to explain and support assumptions and perspectives to formulate an organised and integrated response
• Creative problem solving (CP): an ability to construct convincing recommendations based on identification of elements of a problem and the application of problem-solving techniques
• Inquiry/Research (IR): an ability to identify, manage and reflect on analytical requirements for research problems


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