Discuss the following statement by reflecting on the challenges of leadership in a learning organisation.

Topic: The roles of Strategy, Technology and Learning in a Knowledge Economy.
Task Details: Discuss the following statement by reflecting on the challenges of leadership in a learning organisation.
To be successful in a knowledge economy firms need to have necessary resources to create learning organisation…”Don Tapscott
In your essay, identify the roles of strategy, technology, learning and discuss its challenges in a knowledge economy. Provide examples.
References required: 10 academic sources as a minimum including peer reviewed journal articles and books.
Marking guide: Students will be evaluated as per essay marking guide based on the five criteria assessed across the marking scale from final to high distinction. These criteria include: (a) knowledge and theory; (b) analysis and application; (c) reflective and critical thinking (d) writing style and structure; (e) evidence of research and correct use of “Harvard Referencing” Style
Assessment 1 marking guide can be found below.
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