discuss options to address the gaps in competency with your assessor.

? Access to a computer loaded with Microsoft Word and Excel
? Access to an email system
? Calculator
Assessment Conditions:
? Your assessment must be completed using the Excel template provided.
? It is recommended that on completion of this unit, participants should be able to produce
accurate work with not more than three re-submissions.
On completion
? Upload your assessment document to the online platform.
? Remember to name the document to include the following: Unit number – assessment name
and number – your name.
Assessment Outcomes
There are only two possible results of any assessment:
? Competent
? Not yet competent
An assessment of ‘Competent’ recognises that you have clearly demonstrated to your assessor that you
have current skills and knowledge as outlined in the units of competency for which application was
Not Yet Competent
If an assessment of ‘Not Yet Competent’ is made, the assessor will give you specific feedback as to the
reasons for the result. This will also provide information about gaps found in the assessment of
competency. You may also discuss options to address the gaps in competency with your assessor.

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