develop the Cloud-based Management Information System.

Sunshine Homes is a real estate agency specialising in the rental of accommodation in Australia. The company has grown rapidly, employs 90 agents, and 5 new offices were open. The company management decided to upgrade the company IT infrastructure and develop a new Cloud-based Management Information System. The current organizational structure of the company is shown in Figure 1. The two founders have divided the business between them. John Martin (who has a sales background) looks after the rentals/maintenance and operations side, and Ben West, an accountant, takes care of finance and administration. The small IT department within the administration function has an IT team where Kate Rose is an IT manager and Jack Fry is a team leader. The Sunshine Homes directors decided to outsource the Web development and signed a contract with the PB Web Design company who will develop the Cloud-based Management Information System. Kate Rose will be responsible for handling both communication with Phil Brown, PB Web Design director, and the Sunshine Homes offices IT infrastructure (network, hardware, software etc.)

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set up and solve a case-study example of the light-intensity distribution in a photochemical reactor.

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