determine task interdependencies (i.e. what tasks must proceed others, or can be conducted at the same time)

Project planning is a vital part of any significant engineering undertaking. As such you should
view it as an important learning exercise and preparation for work in industry.
A typical project planning process will carry out the following:
• define objectives
• list tasks;
• estimate effort and duration to complete tasks
• determine task interdependencies (i.e. what tasks must proceed others, or can be
conducted at the same time)
• schedule tasks
• schedule resources
• balance resources
A project plan is a living document that should allow all participants in the project to have clear
and common understanding of the project. As the project progresses circumstances may arise
requiring the plan to be revised and modified accordingly. Regular review and revision of the
project plan is a normal part of project management. Any changes to the project plan must be
signed off by all stakeholders and updated copies distributed to all relevant personnel.


Materials Genomics: Processing-Properties-Performance Maps for Advanced Ceramics


There is a plethora of available data in the scientific literature that associates material processing and/or part fabrications conditions with fundamental properties. However, this data can be sparse as the intention of creating such manuscripts is that they are focused on a specific subject and may only refer to previous works in the form of discussions. Therefore, in order to use the available data as prediction tool, extensive data mining along with powerful data-visualisation techniques of the property-process-performance relationship for a range of materials and processes can be carried out. In this project, students will conduct an extensive literature survey in the area of advanced ceramics. The data to be mined will include materials (AlN, ZrB2, TiC, Si3N4 and others), additives and sintering aids, processing conditions (shaping method, particle information and sintering temperature) and resulting properties (density, structural properties and phases formed). This data will be used to develop empirical trends based on the process, properties and performance of the materials.

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