Design an RO WTP to meet the following criteria.

Design an RO WTP to meet the following criteria. Influent feed TDS = 3000 mg/L. Finished water produced flow rate = 1.5 MGD. TDS in treated water = 300 mg/L. Temperature of the feed = 20∘C. Water recovery factor (r) = 90% and the salt rejection = 95%. Design pressure = 600 psi and water flux rate = 15 gpd/ft2. Packing density = 250 ft2/ft3. Calculate the following parameters:

a. TDS in the permeate (mg/L).

b. TDS in the concentrate stream (mg/L) assuming split treatment.

c. Membrane area (ft2) using split treatment.

d. Total module volume (ft3).

e. Total number of modules.

f. Number of pressure vessels.

g. Water power (hp), brake power (hp) and motor power (hp).

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