design a system for the Serendipity Exercise Club.

The Serendipity Exercise Club Project

You have been hired to design a system for the Serendipity Exercise Club. This system will manage the database for activities of the club. The club has many nice promotional features including:

1) Exercise equipment available 24/7

2) A team of personal trainers, always available to the member

3) A diet club

4) Families day at the club – all family of the member can use the equipment free of charge

5) Certificates and Birthday Greetings

Interviews with the club owners have yielded the first iteration of requirements. Your job will be to create the design documents that go with the requirements document.

The requirements are as follows:

List of Business Activities

1) A prospective member fills out an application, pays a year’s membership, is weighed and measured, and receives a membership card. The prospective member is assigned a team of personal trainers.

  1. If the member wishes, the membership may be paid in installments. System will set up monthly or quarterly payment plans.
  2. If the prospective member wishes, family members are listed for inclusion in Families Day and the diet club.
  3. If the initial exam indicates that working out may not be in the prospective member’s best interests, the prospective member is advised of this fact and referred to his/her family doctor. The membership is not finalized.

2) Members may sign up for the diet club free of charge. If the member wishes, he or she may also sign family members up for the diet club. Members and their families attend weekly meetings where they are weighed and measured and receive support and nutritional guidance.

3) Members sign in for exercise sessions. They are weighed, measured and counseled by the on-duty member of their personal trainer team.

4) On Families Day, family members sign in and are given a one-day pass to use the exercise equipment free of charge.

5) The club issues congratulatory certificates when members achieve certain goals, such as weight loss of ten pounds or increase of 10% in proficiency on the machines.

6) The club sends birthday greetings with a healthy message to all members and their families.

For this assignment

Submit a report to the Serendipity Exercise Club containing the following materials:

1) A short discussion of your activities thus far on Serendipity Exercise Club.

2) A context-level DFD for Serendipity Exercise Club.

3) A Diagram 0 for Serendipity Exercise Club

4) A CRUD matrix for Serendipity Exercise Club.

This assignment should be formatted as a report you would submit to a Client. Good presentation, grammar, spelling and a professional format are important requirements for this assignment. Remember to add some (not a lot) of narrative to the report. This report shouldn’t just be a diagram dump.

If there are any questions, be sure to let me know. Remember – it is possible to have some fun with this project!

Rubric for Consulting Company Report Number 3 Assignment
Meaningful Analysis 50%


Presentation 30%


Spelling, Grammar, Professional Presentation, Writing Style
Value 20%
Effort – How thorough was your study of the MRE organization and offices? You can’t understand a company’s systems without understanding the company.



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