Describe health literacy and outline the way(s) in which it may protect and empower this client.

Short Essay

Bill is 74 years of age and living with HIV.

Bill has shared his diagnosis with fellow residents and as a result, they now exclude him from social activities, and accuse him of being promiscuous and immoral. Further to this, several new care staff have refused to care for him as they are concerned they will contract the virus.

Using the scenario provided, present a discussion which addresses the following:

  • Describe health literacy and outline the way(s) in which it may protect and empower this client.
  • What strategies can the Healthcare Assistant employ to challenge and manage the impacts of this stigma and discrimination?
  • What is the role of the Healthcare Assistant in advocating for this client?

LO 1, 2 & 3
(750 words)

Please attach a reference list to acknowledge the literature sources used to complete this assessment. To support you with formatting your reference list, please refer to the NZTC APA Quick Guide.

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