Create the Wages template as shown in your spreadsheet plan.

Open the file called Spreadsheet plan 402 from the 978-1-925291-30-8 BSBITU402 exercise files folder and use it to plan and sketch the worksheet. Show your sketch to your trainer and discuss the design and selection of formulas.
Part 2 1. Create the Wages template as shown in your spreadsheet plan. 2. Print the template then close.
Part 3 1. Use the Wages template to create a workbook for the week ending 11 November 2016. Click on the Enter hours macro button and type: Employee Hours Eaton, Andrew 25 Ewens, Courtney 30 Garcia. Juan 40 Nyugen, Tan 15 Potter, Melissa 35 Roberts, Lachlan 22 Sinclair, Elizabeth 20 2. Save the worksheet as a macro-enabled workbook with the file name Wages 11 Nov in your working folder. 3. Print and close the workbook

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Explain the standards of pediatric nursing care as they relate to caring for many and his family

Recall 3 year-old Manny, at the beginning of the chapter, who has & a seizure disorder. He receives his care in a mobile van sent to his community by the….

Describe the use of family- centered care principles in planning casey’s nursing care in collaboration with the family .

Think about Casey and his family from the beginning of the chapter. Case-(s family is coping with his initial survival of a serious brain injury, and facing a long rehabilitation….

create a family pedigree for Sarah based on the family information she has  provided, What does the pedigree  reveal, and what nursing  actions would you plan for Sarah?

Recall 17·year-old Sarah from the chapter opening scenario. While at the sports clinic for a routine physical, she questions the nurse about the likelihood that she will acquire Hunting10n disease…..