create a SWOT Analysis on themselves and reflect on their current status as a manager.

Students will will create a SWOT Analysis on themselves and reflect on their current status as
a manager. Students will then comment on their fit with the organisation identified in
Assessment One. The second assignment should include:
? assessment of personal strengths and weaknesses as viewed by self and others.
Students will need to complete a minimum of three self-assessment tools and refer
to these results in their SWOT Analysis;
MGMT6002 Assignment Two Brief Page 2 of 4
? feedback received from other people you have been associated with. Feedback is
considered naturally occurring data and includes conversations, emails, formal
references and performance appraisals. You will need to reflect on who is providing
the feedback and how you appear to be progressing;
? a discussion of the opportunities and threats that will impact on your management
journey, including self-development for continuous improvement;
? integration of theory and concepts from the subject, in particular Modules 2-6,
including an assessment of your communication, values and ethics, experience with
managing diversity, experience with networking and working collaboratively, your
ability to give and receive feedback, your ability to influence others and your
capacity to be a leader now and in the future;
? a critical assessment of how you are placed or misplaced within the chosen
organisation from Assessment One; and whether or not you see a future at this

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