Convince the reader and the tutorial class that you understand the principles behind good and bad pitches.


Individually or in a small group of two; research the web (or other resources) to obtain examples of a good Pitch for a product or service. These usually will be found associated with a crowdfunding site or something like Shark Tank or Gruen (an ABC Program).

Present your findings in an academic format (1,000 words) online as to why you made these decisions. As an entrepreneur what do you have to do to achieve a successful pitch in a recessional economic environment.



Communication skills (writing style, spelling, grammar, presentation)

Marks are awarded for clear, direct writing with no spelling or grammatical errors. Avoid slang and colloquialisms unless they are a direct quote. Paragraphs should be longer than one sentence except in very special circumstances, and should deal with only one theme or point.

The assignment is a report in the form of a short essay.






Critical discussion

Demonstrate your scholarship by inquiry, discussing the aspects of the entrepreneurial pitch. Convince the reader and the tutorial class that you understand the principles behind good and bad pitches.





Analysis and argument development

A good argument and analysis is built by clearly stating the assertion or ‘answer’ you are providing in the essay, then clearly and logically proving your argument with a series of well-thought out points based upon evidence (not everything you know about a certain subject). These points should be linked to each other and make sense. Finally, provide a conclusion that does not introduce any new evidence or points, but wraps up the argument and strongly emphasises the key assertion or answer that you set out to make. The plan or structure of your essay should be easy to see.







You are expected to use your own words in the main but always reference others’ works when you directly quote from them OR paraphrase them (put it in your own words) OR use their ideas and/or evidence. Original thinking in an essay or presentation can be demonstrated by making links or connections between ideas or points that have not been made before; using evidence or kinds of evidence to make an argument that have not been used before; thinking about the question in a new or unusual way.












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