compare the strengths and weaknesses of any two of the three theories (Utilitarianism: Ragan vs Dudley and Stephen or Deontology: is it wrong to lie to a murderer?) studied on the course

Guidance notes. Your essay must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the theories selected. You do this by explaining, analysing and evaluating how they work and the arguments and evidence used to support and challenge them. You should use case studies (which may include thought experiments) to explore the strengths and weaknesses of the theories. In evaluating the theories you should try develop a position as to what works and does not work both in the internal consistency of the theories and in the work of applying them to case studies. Marking criteria. Your work will be graded according to how well it meets the criteria below.

  • Does the essay meet the required standard for academic writing:
    • Uses paragraphs, punctuation, good grammar and is spell-checked?
    • References quotations and other material cited, and includes a bibliography?
    • Abides by University regulations on Plagiarism.
    • Remains within the required word limit?
    • Is submitted by the deadline?
  • Is the essay well structured to take the reader through the arguments and examples in a clear and rational manner?
  • Does the essay demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical positions?
  • Does the essay include all of the relevant points?
  • Does the essay analyse and evaluate the positions and the arguments used in support of them?
  • Does the writing demonstrate a good knowledge of the set text?

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