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Assume you are evaluating your assigned weight loss program for a person trying to lose weight with has 50lbs to lose.

So in your analysis– you have to determine if the diet would harm this person’s health over the time needed to lose the weight. Typically—expect a loss of 1-3 lbs/week. It is relatively easy to lose 3-10lbs during the first two weeks of most weight loss programs. The loss is mostly water. Required seven (7) sections for the report—each is to be answered SEPARATELY 1. Provide background information on the diet. Is there a specific problem or problems that this diet is designed to correct or improve? What can a person who follows this diet expect to achieve? Is the diet for short term use or a ‘blue print’ for living a long, healthy life? [CITATIONS REQUIRED for this section.] 2. Are there any claims that the diet….