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How they attach and what can prevent that. From a Christian perspective.

Written on the different attachment issues that adopted children face. How they attach and what can prevent that. From a Christian perspective.

Books- Attaching in Adoption by Deborah D. Gray

Why you do the thing you do- by Dr. Tim Clinton and Dr Gary Sibcy

You will write an 8 page Research Paper on a major topic approved by your instructor and found within your course textbooks. You will choose a topic and augment your research by using at least 8 professional references in addition to the textbook and the Bible. Papers will be graded on the basis of content, clarity, flow, use of resources, interpretations, and conclusions. Citations are expected to be used liberally. See the assignment rubric and the requirements below to assess grading priorities before….

Do Dyson’s new products enhance that strategy? How?

Dyson is a great example of a company that invigorates markets once considered to be mature and boring. This is not an accident. Choosing and developing new products requires careful consideration with regards to the consumer, the marketplace and the current product portfolio. This case study will allow you to delve into the mind of James Dyson and examine the strategies behind new product development.

Research and analyze the product strategy at Dyson. The attached case will assist in your analysis. However, you will need to conduct additional research to complete your analysis.


What is Dyson’s product strategy?

Do Dyson’s new products enhance that strategy? How?

How does Dyson differentiate its products? Is it effective? Why?

Discuss the impacts of the product lifecycle on Dyson products?


How do you see universal truths of humanity (pain, joy, love, redemption, etc.) within the artist’s work? If you do not see these, explain what you think the artist is attempting to convey.

Session 3 Research Paper – Artist and Inspiration

The author of our course’s text, Jerram Barrs, explores the idea that quality art (on some level) truthfully explores what it means to live life as a human. In Echoes of Eden, he states, “This principle of representing things as they are is a matter of obedience and honesty. Simple integrity constrains us to communicate faithfully and truthfully not only about the Lord himself and other people whose stories appear in the Bible, but also about our current human condition” (Barrs, 2013).

In our discussion assignment this week, you chose a specific artistic medium for your Session 5 Final Project. Now that you have identified the particular form of art that you’d like to submit, we will engage in an important step….

Laura Bush: Separating Children from Their Parents at the Border ‘Breaks My Heart’

The purpose of this essay is to examine the rhetorical features of your selected text. Choose a topic that is long enough and contains enough of the persuasive elements discussed in Chapter 4 to make a substantial analysis: Contemporary Argument: Analyze a persuasive argument published within the last three years. This could be an argument you found while researching your topic for Essays 1-3 or a completely different topic. Choose a newspaper editorial, a post on a well-known blog, or some other source. It must be at least 500 words, and it must take a strong stance on an issue and make a clear persuasive argument. Do not choose a source that is primarily meant to be informative. Here are some example newspaper editorials that would work for….

Then define the using organizations are


Paper needs to describe a problem or a need

Take a complex problem, structure it and decompose it so it can be solved

Discuss scope and boundaries What system architecture heuristics can be used? Interrogatives (who are the users and what are their needs)

Who, what, when, where and how?

Then define the using organizations are (the nodes) Next step is define the operational needs? Create Models to reflect (OV-1, OV-2, OV-3, OV-4, OV-5) Then we look at potential solutions -> system should be designed to satisfy the operational needs Could be different solutions to satisfy different user needs To describe the different solutions you can use SV-1, SV-2, SV-3, SV-4, SV-5 Complete analysis comparing the different solutions Recommend best solution

Refer to syllabus for paper structure