Calculate the present value of the $300,000 mortgage monthly payments.

The ROI tables are based on simple compounding of interest, looking into the present (P), future (F), or into annual (A) equivalents. Can you use them to calculate the mortgage monthly payments used for purchasing a home? Without getting too bogged down in formulas, explain how mortgage monthly rates are calculated and how they are different than the ROI tables provided in this book Show how the monthly payments for a $300,000 home-mortgage fixed-interest loan for 30 years would look like using the mortgage industry tables. You can use online mortgage calculators. Calculate the present value of the $300,000 mortgage monthly payments.

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What is the maximum burst size ?

1.       For the following flows and a GCRA(100, 500), give the conformant and non-conformant cells. Times are in cell slots at the link rate. (a)    0, 100, 110, 12, 130,….

What are the (P, B) parameters in b/s and bits for each case ?

For a CBR connection, here are some values from an ATM operator: peak cell rate (cells/s)                           100 1000 10000 100000 CDVT (microseconds)                             2900 1200 400 135   1. What are….

How many cells were sent by the source in time interval [0, 401] ?

In this problem, time is counted in slots. One slot is the duration to transmit one ATM cell on the link. 1.       An ATM source S1 is constrained by GCRA(T….