Are people in the community using hand hygiene as an infection control measure, or a peace of mind measure?

This question can be perceived from many angles, and is only the tip of the ice burg when it comes to an infection control discussion. Is hand hygiene effective? Are people in the community using hand hygiene as an infection control measure, or a peace of mind measure? Why do people in the community use masks more than they practice hand hygiene? Rosemary will have to use evidence-based practice to assist her in her research to make an informed and educated decision to base her opinion going forward. Rosemary needs to have a rationale in place before moving forward with her knowledge not only in the community, but also in the healthcare setting, With the use of an E-Poster to clearly and logically assist visually with explanations, Jennifer will outline the question that Rosemary has, and the best choice of key words, search terms and alternative words that were used to make an accurate search that is clear, comprehensive and structured. Puja will then describe the best two databases Rosemary should use to answer the clinical question while using a library database. From there she will show us the ‘winning database’ and why it was selected. Lero will describe a structured search for evidence, including the use of Boolean operators, limiters, wildcards, truncation and expanders. Finally, Safia will identify the best two pieces of evidence that were found relating to the clinical question and why these pieces of evidence were chosen according to the hierarchy of evidence Can you use the university library plz

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